The Photo Booth

Meet the Photo Booth (Patent #D612884)

We could have cheapened out and gone the tent route but it's the retro appeal of our photo booths that our clients go ga-ga for. Our patent-protected booths preserve the charm of yesteryear, put the "booth" back in "photo booth" and are injected with state-of-the-art technology that makes selling rentals a breeze!

Beautifully Retro

These things are good lookin'. They're the result of a merger between high end design, quality craftsmanship and choice materials. Plus, they look like a photo booth should.

Retrolicious Printed Photos

You won't find higher quality photos anywhere. They are well lit, sharp, high-res and have a retro appeal clients go ga-ga for.

Fits Both Small & Large Groups

Our photo booth's back curtain quickly disappears helping both small & large groups create frame-filling, once in a lifetime photos. Find out how many you can squeeze into the photo (the record is 14) and let the good times roll! Beware of the occasional Photo Bomber.

Modular Construction and Fast & Easy Setup

Our booths collapse into smaller pieces (without looking like it) that effortlessly roll through even the most chaotic of venue kitchens....And, look good doing it. It takes an experienced crew only 20 minutes to setup The Greatest Photo Booth in the Galaxy.

Sweet Details

We've thought over every dang inch of 'em. A wide bench for grandma. An open back for large group shots. A trip-resistant entry and safety rail for the accident prone. A built-in table for the guest book . And, rubber feet to protect the floor.

The Photo Stand

Photo Stand

Meet The Photo Stand

While we love photo booths, some clients are looking for a different selfie experience. Our Photo Stands are modern, spacious, eye-catching, and provide a red carpet experience without the dirty rug! Clients can personalize the background, choose from multiple layouts, and enjoy frame-filling photos of both small and large groups.

Multiple Print Layouts

The Photo Stand always take 4 pics, allowing guests to express their creativity and customize how their photo prints. Pick between "The Why Decide 4-UP" with all 4 pics, or a glamour portrait, "The Perfect Take 1-UP" that highlights their most stylish creation.

Endless Personalization Options

Clients can easily brand the Photo Stand itself, the background, the prints, the digital files and even the touch screen!

Modular Construction and Fast & Easy Setup

Just like our booths, our photo stands collapse into smaller pieces (without looking like it) and effortlessly roll in and out of the most chaotic of places.

Amazing Software

TTPB Darkroom™

TTPB Darkroom™ is the proprietary software that powers both our photo booths and photo stands. It's jam-packed with unique features our clients go ga-ga for including: Animated GIFs, Real-Time Social Media Integration, and even some Top Secret Patented Features we haven't even released yet! The reliability, easability, quality and frequent updates easily set us apart from the competition.


Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based CRM makes the day-to-day operations a breeze. It's how we manage both potential and existing clients, lets us instantly tweak online pricing to maximize revenue, and provides us with stats to decisions based on data rather than just our guts.

TTPB Office

Merch is easy to sell but hard to create. That is, until we developed TTPB Office. Our software creates high-margin, cravable add-ons that helps pad the bottom line, set us apart from Brand X and often helps us close the deal.

Exclusive Software with Frequent Updates

All of our software is develop entirely in-house, exclusively for us, and exactly for what we do. Because we develop our own software, we're able to easily differentiate ourselves from the competition (features, quality, etc.) and upgrade our software with goodies to ensure that we're not just the best today but for years to come.

Training & Support

Initial Training

Two days of training at TTPB Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. We'll get up to our ears in Minnesota Nice (and occasionally snow), photo booths, sales, software, marketing and general biz operations.

Remote Training

We'll spend 5-10 hours a week for 3 weeks focusing on sales, logistics, and post event services..

Videos & Manuals Galore

We've literally produced hours of training videos and hundreds of pages of written instructions to make both you and your employee Photo Booth Geniuses! .

Opening Assistance

Once you complete initial training and remote training, you'll be ready to take off the training wheels! We love being there when you open and will fly out to your market and help you at a sales event, help ease the "new biz jitters" and throwdown some high-fives and celebrate your opening.

Frequent One-on-One Calls

We're available practically 24/7 to help you with the ins and outs of running a business and schedule frequent conference calls to make sure you're getting the support you need.

Monthly Conference Calls with Other Owners!

We frequently setup conference calls between multiple offices and the Prez to voice opinions, plan future innovations, and bounce ideas of each other to help us all make more green!

The Expert Network

We've seen it all. If we haven't, there's no doubt our Expert Network of Franchise Affiliates, Boothers®, lawyers, accountants, software developers and designers can minimize any unexpected turbulence.

Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter highlights topical business operations, seasonal sales tips and all things The Traveling Photo Booth.


TTPB Brand

Awesome Brand

Our brand is extremely valuable. It connects emotionally, is uniquely playful, is trustworthy and helps explain why we're the bees knees!

Battle-Tested Marketing Materials

A beautiful website, brochures, business cards, print ads, and other swag like greeting cards, and golden tickets help sell the brand effortlessly.


A strong brand is worthless if it's not protected. We've registered federal trademarks for a variety of sticky words and have a pack of angry lawyers just waiting to attack!

Award-Winning Website & Franchise Program, the #1 online wedding planning resource, has recognized our online storefront, , as one of the best wedding websites in the entire country! First impressions are everything and that's why we are constantly tweaking this online store to be search engine friendly, generate more leads, hype the brand, and even encourage clients to buy their photo booth rental online. 

Our Franchise Program has been named as one of The Top 3 Franchises in 2013 (less than 50 locations) by the Franchise Business Review!