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Selling or buying a photo booth is easy but making real money from a photo booth isn't. You'll notice no shortage in companies that offer photo booths for sale...but, there is so much more to running a profitable photo booth rental business than just buying or selling a photo booth.

Unlike Brand X, we provide you with EVERYTHING needed to run a successful photo booth businesses.

The Traveling Photo Booth Franchise Program is truly unique. We don't make money unless you make money. Re-read that last sentance a few times. This is just one of the many gigantic differences between us and Brand X.

In a addition to the Greatest Photo Booths and Photo Stands in the Galaxy, every successful photo booth business needs a complete business system that includes( at a minimum) a strong brand with trademarks, patent-protected machines and software, legal and accounting guidance,training, sales, and technical support, a battle-tested marketing strategy, a beautiful website, lead generation, and a family of like-minded fellow photo booth business owners invested in your success.

Unlike other photo booth manufactures, I have skin in the rental business game. I'm not just selling you a photo booth business that I "think" works. In addition to owning The Traveling Photo Booth' Franchise Program, I own both the Minneapolis and Chicago rental offices, our software entity, and our top secret patents.

I'm right in the trenches with you helping you overcome obstacles, celebrating victories,and learning from our successes and mistakes so all our rental businesses can be better - including the ones I own.

The Traveling Photo Booth is the oldest photo booth rental franchise in the entire country - meaning we've been doing this longer and better than anyone else.

Our locally owned rental offices have won nearly every rental award in existence, our retail website (shameful plug) has been voted one of the top wedding websites in the country by, and our Franchise Program has been rated one of the best low-cost franchises by Franchise Business Review. We know what we're doing.

I've literally spent the last decade breathing, living, thinking, and even dreaming about photo booths. I've proudly built this business from the ground up ( I'm a passionate, 5th generation entrepreneur) and I'm extremely proud of the of machinists, mechanics, programmers, lawyers, designers, accountants, and fellow TTPB Business Owners that surround me. We're what the 1992 Dream Team was to the Summer Olympics!

I have never been more passionate and excited about the future and I hope you'll join us in conquering the world - one photo booth rental at a time.

Please think beyond just the photo booth, explore our website, and request additional info.

- Jacob (founder + Darkroom Scientist) & all The Photo Booth Guys®

Don't just buy a photo booth. Buy an entire photo booth franchise business!

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